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How to download Google Chrome offline installer

As you may notice, Google Chrome installation from the following addresses:

Google Chrome for 32 bit systems

Google Chrome  for 64 bit systems

just downloads a small installer, which handles the whole package download.

If you need to install Chrome latest version on a PC temporary not connected to Internet, you can easily download the full package to the following links and put it on an USB stick:

Google Chrome – offline installer for 32 bit systems (single user)

Google Chrome – offline installer for 64 bit systems (single user)

NOTICE: The above links are for a single user Chrome installation. If you need to install it for all your computer’s account, these are the links you need to use:

Google Chrome – offline installer for 32 bit systems (all users)

Google Chrome – offline installer for 64 bit systems (all users)

There is also a MSI version of the installer, which is only for Windows operating system:

Google Chrome MSI Installer

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Fulvio Sicurezza

Fulvio Sicurezza

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