Upgrade to Windows 10 without the upgrade icon

Many Windows users experienced problems when updating old Windows 7/8 operating systems to Microsoft Windows 10.

Sometimes it happens that the famous icon that should be present in the traybar does not appear. Many suggest elaborate solutions ranging from installing all the updates to disable UAC, etc…

A quick solution to this problem is to download Media Creation Tool Setup⬇︎ directly from Microsoft website.

Just run the downloaded tool and follow all the instructions. Before confirming the upgrade you will be asked to choose whether to retain data and programs, only data, or nothing.

After installing the upgrade, you can use ProduKey⬇︎, a tool from Nirsoft to get the serial number that Microsoft associated with your copy of Windows 10. Now, if you wish, you can use your serial to install a clean version of the Windows 10 (.ISO)⬇︎ operating system on your computer.

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Oscar Talamo

Oscar Talamo

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